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WiderWorld e-Locker is an all-round DLP solution designed to address the challenges companies face in securing electronic information. With so much sensitive information existing in electronic format, it’s difficult for companies to control how their users access and use that information. Once users have authorized access to a piece of electronic information, they can easily leak or misuse it through various channels. WiderWorld e-Locker provides a comprehensive solution by creating a protected zone to secure data and incorporating features of WiderWorld Monguard, which prevents data leaks via the monitor or screen. This solution aims to provide robust data protection without compromising user productivity.

Prohibits confidential data from being copied to external sources

Organizations can restrict access to sensitive information and prevent it from being copied or transferred without authorization. Any attempt to copy or transfer data outside of the protected zone will be blocked, ensuring that confidential information remains secure.

Stops confidential data from being leaked unintentionally

WiderWorld e-Locker can help stop confidential data from being leaked unintentionally by preventing mistakes that lead to data loss. It prevents accidental data leaks by reminding staff to obtain proper authorization before moving data outside the protected zone.

Differentiates your products/services from competitors

With WiderWorld e-Locker, you can safeguard consumer data, especially high-profile individuals and confidential company assets, while earning credibility through strong data protection practices.

Mitigates the risk of legal liability

WiderWorld e-Locker provides a proactive approach to data protection that can reduce the risk of legal liability due to data breaches and unauthorized access, protecting both the organization and its customers from potential legal consequences.

Complies with regulations

By ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data and restricting its movement in accordance with regulatory requirements, WiderWorld e-Locker helps organizations protect sensitive information and avoid legal consequences for non-compliance.

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Holistic DLP Approach

Other DLP solutions may only offer limited protection for certain types of sensitive information or may be overly complex or inefficient, impacting user productivity and increasing the risk of user error. Some solutions may also lack customization options, and interrupt user workflows.

In contrast, WiderWorld’s e-Locker with a Protected Zone offers a comprehensive, secure, and customizable approach to data protection that addresses these disadvantages. The Protected Zone can be configured to meet the specific needs of an organization, allowing policies to be defined that govern which applications and files need to be protected. Files stored within the Protected Zone can only be operated on within the zone and cannot be shared or saved outside of it unless authorized. This includes preventing the use of clipboard copy and paste functions and ensuring that sensitive data cannot be inadvertently leaked out of the Protected Zone.

Our solution also has minimal impact on users, allowing them to work as normal within the Protected Zone. The Protected Zone only restricts the transfer of sensitive information outside of the zone, allowing non-restricted files to operate freely outside of it. This means that communication outside of the Protected Zone, such as using WhatsApp or webmail, as well as daily operations, such as accessing and using non-sensitive files and applications, will not be affected.

Easy Implementation & Maintenance

WiderWorld’s e-Locker is designed to be easy to implement and maintain. Simply install e-Locker Admin on one server to define and control policies, install e-Locker Server Plug-in on all file servers that need protection, and e-Locker Client on each users’ workstations. The setup process is simple for administrators. They only need to define what software and files need to be protected, without the need for complicated content search rules or continuously adding to negative lists on web services. Our solution provides a straightforward and customizable approach to data protection, ensuring that sensitive information is secure and confidential without imposing unnecessary complexity on businesses.

In terms of system requirements, the e-Locker and Monguard Client software require an Intel Pentium or above processor and 128MB of RAM. It’s worth noting that e-Locker uses only about 5% of system overhead, which is unlikely to be noticeable by most users. With this low overhead, combined with the modest system requirements, businesses can easily integrate e-Locker and Monguard into their existing systems and effectively protect their sensitive information with minimal impact on system performance. 

Data Leak From Monitor

WiderWorld’s e-Locker also includes Monguard’s features that protect against data leaks from the monitor. Monguard’s main feature is its customizable watermarking, which adds a layer of protection by overlaying a digital watermark on the screen of a user’s device. This watermark can include identifying information about the device, such as the device name or IP address, as well as a custom message that is explicitly designed to prevent human error.

By using Monguard’s watermarking feature, businesses can easily trace and deter staff from data leaks. With the identifiable information, companies will be easily traceable to the source. Additionally, the customized message can serve as a reminder to staff about the importance of data protection and the consequences of data leaks. Overall, WiderWorld’s e-Locker provides a comprehensive and customizable approach to data protection that addresses the risks of data leaks from both internal and external sources.

e-Locker Office Suite

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  • Microsoft Office Apps
  • Other Office Utilities (e.g. PDF Reader, Browsers)
  • Professional Design Software
  • CCTV System
  • All Application on Supported List
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e-Locker Universal


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  • Microsoft Office Apps
  • Other Office Utilities (e.g. PDF Reader, Browsers)
  • Professional Design Software
  • CCTV System
  • All Application on Supported List
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Other Features

Supported Application

Office UtilitiesCAD/CAM SoftwareGraphics & MultimediaOthers
7-Zip3ds MaxACDSeeAXIS Camera Station
Adobe Acrobat3DVIA Composer/PlayerACDSee ProAXIS File Player
Adobe ReaderAltium DesignerACDSeeQV ProBackup Player/Viewer
CutePDF WriterAutoCADAdobe After EffectsC++ Builder XE2
Google ChromeAutoCAD ElectricalAdobe AnimateCognos Impromptu
IrfanViewAutoCAD MechanicalAdobe BridgeDelphi XE2
Microsoft AccessAutodesk Fusion 360Adobe IllustratorEclipse
Microsoft EdgeAutodesk InventorAdobe InDesignEpicor ERP
Microsoft ExcelCATIAAdobe LightRoomFile Finder
Microsoft Internet ExplorerCAXA CAD/MechanicalAdobe PhotoshopJupyter Notebook
Microsoft OneNoteCCAD Free/ProfessionalAdobe Premiere ProGenetec Video Player
Microsoft PaintCreoCanon XF utilityIndigo Vision
Microsoft PowerPointDWG editor/TrueViewCapture NX-DMedia Player
Microsoft ProjectGerber AccuMarkCorel PHOTO-PAINTMicrosoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft VisioJewelCADCorelDRAWMicrosoft SQL Server
Microsoft WordMasterCAMHandBrakeMicrosoft Visual Basic
Nitro PDF ProMatlabJDPaintMicrosoft Visual FoxPro
NotepadPADSLaserCutMicrosoft Visual SourceSafe
OpenOfficePro/ENGINEERLayOutMicrosoft Visual Stuido
PDF CompletePTC Mathcad PrimeMedia ComposerMulti Backup
PDFill PDFRhinocerosMedia player classicMulti Sview/Viewer
SnippingToolSolid EdgeOptiTex MarkNS Backup Viewer
WinRARSolidCAMOptiTex ModulatePython
WordPadSolidWorksOptiTex PDSR Studio
Windows ExplorerSolidWorks Composer PlayerPE DESIGN NEXTQuickBooks Premier
Windows Media PlayerSolidWorks ElectricalPhotoImpactSAS Enterprise Guide
WPS PresentationSolidWorks SimulationQuick TimeSmart Player
WPS SpreadsheetsSolidWorks EPDMRoland 3D EngraveSmartPSS
WPS WriterUnigraphics NXRoland Dr.EngraveXProtect Smart Client
WinZipZhong Wang CADSony Xdcam ViewerVLC media player

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