WiderWorld Monguard License


Per Workstation Annually

Monguard is licensed on an annual basis per machine.
This means that you pay a fee for each machine that you install the software on, and this fee is paid annually

Product Description

Administrators can enforce showing on-screen watermarks for some specific applications (e.g. CCTV systems) and users. The content of the on-screen watermark is self-defined by the administrator. It can contain login user information to prevent users from taking pictures/videos and sharing the information with the public.

License Period: 1 Year

Major Features:

  • On-screen watermark
  • Self-defined content of screen-watermark
    -Static message
    – Date/Time
    – Computer name
    – Username
    – IP address
  • Full screen-watermark
  • Application screen-watermark
  • Screen-watermark by condition
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Password management
  • Uninstall password for client
  • Self-protection for the software
  • Central administration
  • Curtain Admin delegation
  • Technical Support
  • Software Updates


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